Bargou08 are a Tunisian band creating traditional highland music with electro and rock sensibilities. Formed in 2013 following a three week residency, the band have toured Europe and Tunisia, with a clear emphasis on playing in marginalised areas. The album was recorded in the village of Bargou, a valley between the mountains of northwest Tunisia and the border with Algeria. Band leader Nidhal Yahyaoui grew up there and was inspired by the regional songs he heard his mother and father singing. The debut album ‘Targ’ features local musicians as well as European instrumentalists, and was entirely recorded in Yahyaoui’s family home. Expect to hear Moog merge with the haunting power of ancient songs: the sound of past fusing with present. Targ’ is out on Glitterbeat Records Feb 17th. Preorder it here:

Watch the album trailer below for an insight into Bargou08’s creative process.