Africa Express at Fiesta Des Suds, Marseille – SET LIST


Africa Express at Fiesta Des Suds – SET LIST


19th October, 8pm – 1.30am

DJAZIA SATOUR: Blues Mood ft Remy

AMAZIGH KATEBBittersweet ft Djazia Satour, Remy, Rabah

AMAZIGH KATEB - Scorpion ft Djazia Satour, Remy, Nick Zinner, Romeo Stoddart

SEYE  – Two Hours

FATOUMATA DIAWARRA – Alama ft Damon Albarn

FATOUMATA DIAWARRA - Kokorow ft MC Malikah, Audrey Gbaguidi, Nelly (vocals), Reeps One (beatboxer), François Marry (guitar), Express horns

FATOUMATA DIAWARRA  – Salimata ft Jupiter & Okwess Internaitonal & -M-

DAMON ALBARN  - Out Of Time ft Nick Zinner & Hakim Hamadouche (Oud)

REEPS ONE – Beatboxing

DJANGO DJANGOSkies Over Cairo ft Mamadou Sarr, MCs Al Hamorab & Malikah

DJANGO DJANGO - Lebanese Love ft Jupiter & Okwess International, Montana drums, MCs Al Hamorab & Malikah

MEHDI HADDAB & SERGE PIZZORNO (KASABIAN)  – Galvanised ft the PSM, NIMG_7352ick Zinner (guitar), Seye, Jeff Wootton (guitar), Eslam Jawaad, Reeps One (beatboxer), Willaxxx (rapper)

YADi, SEYE & Andre de Ridder - Unbreakable

BATIDABazuka ft the PSM, Duncan Lloyd (Maximo Park)

BATIDA  – Magnificent 7 ft PSM (drums), Duncan Lloyd (guitar), Eslam Jawaad, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, MCs Malikah & Al Hamorab

BATIDA - Alegria ft Reeps One (vocals)

MAVERICK SABRE  – I Need ft Diabel Cissokho (kora & vox), Andre de Ridder (violin)


BASSEKOU KOUYATE - Wakadou ft Mamadou Kouyate (n’goni), Amy Sacko (vocals), Guimba Kouyate (guitar), Tony Allen (drums) Mamadou Sarr (percussion), Jesse Hackett (keys), Guimba Kouyate (guitar), Duncan Lloyd (Maximo Park), the PSM (drums), Reeps One (beatbox)

BASSEKOU KOUYATE - Ngoni Fola ft Mamadou Kouyate (n’goni), Amy Sacko (vocals), Guimba Kouyate (guitar), the PSM (drums), Jesse Hackett (keys)

KASABIANClub Foot ft Diabel Cissokho, Jesse Hackett, Tim Carter, Mamadou Sarr, YADi, PSM, Jeff Wootton




RACHID TAHA - Rock El Casbah ft -M-, Damon Albarn, PSM & Seye

ROMEO STODDART (Magic Numbers)- Love Is Just A Game/People Get Ready ft YADi

-M- (MATTHIEU CHEDID) - Mama Sam ft François Marry, Tony Allen, Duncan Lloyd (Maximo Park), Seye

-M-  Amssetou ft Guimba Kouyate (guitar), Mamadou Sarr (percussion), the PSM (drums), Seye (bass), Cheick Tidiane Seck (keys), Audrey Gbaguidi vocals), Mah Damba (vocals)

-M-  Matchistador ft Tony Allen, Duncan Lloyd (Maximo Park), Seye

BASHY, MAVERICK SABRE & YADi - If I Ruled The World ft PSM, Seye, Romeo Stoddart, Jesse Hackett, MC Malikah, MC Al Hamorab, Elsam Jawaad

CHEIKH TIDIANE SECK   – M’baoudi ft Mah Demba (vocals), PSM (drums), Seye (bass), Guimba Kouyate (guitar), Express Horns, MC Malikah, Mamadou Sarr (percussion)

TONY ALLEN - Ijo ft Audrey Gbaguidi (vocals), Express Horns, Guimba Kouyate (guitar), Cheik Tidiane Seck (keys), Romeo Stoddart (guitar), Remi Kabaka (percussion), Seye (bass)

TONY ALLEN  – Gentleman ft Coucou (vocals), Fatoumata Diawara (vocals/bass), Audrey Gbaguidi (vocals), Express Horns, Guimba Kouyate (guitar), Cheik Tidiane Seck (keys), Remi Kabaka (percussion)

DAMON ALBARN   – Poison ft Seye (bass), Andre de Ridder (violin), Tony Allen (drums)


JUPITER & OKWESS INTERNATIONAL: Lourdes ft finale with all artists

19th October – Africa Express headlined Fiesta des Suds


Africa Express headlined the Fiesta des Suds at the Docks des Suds as part of the Marseille city of culture celebrations.  We were joined by:

Batida enter the building

Amazigh Kateb, Andre de Ridder, Audrey Gbaguidi, Bashy, Bassekou Kouyate, Batida, Cheik Tidiane Seck, Damon Albarn, Diabel Cissokho, Django Django, Djazia Satour, Duncan Lloyd (Maximo Park), Eslam Jawaad, Express horns, Fatoumata Diawara, Francois & the Atlas Mountains, Guimba Kouyate, Jeff Wooton, Jesse Hackett, Jupiter & Okwess International,  -M-, Mala in Cuba, Mamadou Sarr, Maverick Sabre, MC Al Hamorab, MC Malikah, Mehdi Haddab, Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), Pauli “the PSM”, Rachid Taha, Reeps One, Remi Kabaka, Romeo Stodart (Magic Numbers), Samy, Sergio Pizzorno (Kasabian), Seye, Tony Allen, Wilaxxx and YADi

we’ll be posting the set list over the next couple of days, and there are lots of pictures up on our facebook  and twitter pages

- @africaexpress


Africa Express returns to Mali – BBC Coverage


This piece from the BBC explains a bit more about what we’re doing in Mali.  Click here for the full story

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 15.15.34

Africa Express is back in Mali



It’s true, we’ve returned to Bamako, Mali.

The Guardian joined us for a couple of days to see what we’re up to.  We’re recording an album with some of the west’s finest producers, who we’ve hooked up with just a tiny slice of the phenomenal musical talent that is so abundant in Mali.

We’re recording a collaborative album together.  More on that soon, but in the meantime here’s what the Guardian had to say about the trip

Africa Express to headline Fiesta des Suds. Marseille, Sat 19th October


Africa Express to headline Fiesta des Suds. Marseille, Sat 19th October

The Africa Express

We’re excited to announce that Africa Express will be playing at the fantastic Doc des Suds venue in Marseille, south of France on Saturday October 19th.

If you missed the finale of the train tour hop a flight and join us for the best of African and Western musical collaborations.  There are some Africa Express favourites, new faces,  and downright legends.

For info, lineup and tickets, go here:

See you in the south of France

Spoek Mathambo releases ‘Escape From 85′ – a mixtape and a video game


Get yourselves over to Spoek Mathambo’s website where the producer / singer-songwriter /rapper we all know and love has released Escape From ‘85 – a mixtape of 12 tracks inspired by the year of his birth – as a FREE download.

Escape -spoek

If you’re trying to download this at the office, you can listen on the soundcloud til you get home.

... but wait. Escape From ’85 isn’t just a mixtape – the man who brought you THIS video would never do anything so simple. It’s also a 1980s style video game - featuring the tracks across eleven levels and encounters with  iconic favourites Mr T, Grace Jones and Ghostbuster’s Stay Puft Marshmallow Man among others.

 An immersive experience, Escape From ‘85 celebrates the music and culture of the 1980s. Of course there are appearances by fellow Africa Express train passengers Terri Walker and Seye, and the off-the-wall ‘is this really real?’ stylings of the inimitable Remi Kabaka.

Spoek is currently in the studio working on his third album, but you can see Spoek live at WOMAD charlton park this year, in the area curated by Bristol producer Mr Benn.  We’ll see you at the front.