Spoek Mathambo releases ‘Escape From 85′ – a mixtape and a video game


Get yourselves over to Spoek Mathambo’s website where the producer / singer-songwriter /rapper we all know and love has released Escape From ‘85 – a mixtape of 12 tracks inspired by the year of his birth – as a FREE download.

Escape -spoek

If you’re trying to download this at the office, you can listen on the soundcloud til you get home.

... but wait. Escape From ’85 isn’t just a mixtape – the man who brought you THIS video would never do anything so simple. It’s also a 1980s style video game – featuring the tracks across eleven levels and encounters with  iconic favourites Mr T, Grace Jones and Ghostbuster’s Stay Puft Marshmallow Man among others.

 An immersive experience, Escape From ‘85 celebrates the music and culture of the 1980s. Of course there are appearances by fellow Africa Express train passengers Terri Walker and Seye, and the off-the-wall ‘is this really real?’ stylings of the inimitable Remi Kabaka.

Spoek is currently in the studio working on his third album, but you can see Spoek live at WOMAD charlton park this year, in the area curated by Bristol producer Mr Benn.  We’ll see you at the front.