SORIE KONDI – Sweet flowing grooves from the heart of Lion Mountain


Check the sweet lilting grooves of Sorie Kondi, a master of the kondi which is a traditional thumb piano-like instrument from Sierra Leone.  Sorie was born sometime in the late 1960s near the city of Makeni, Sierra Leone.  Blind and without any formal education, he fled to the capital Freetown during the brutal civil war of the mid 1990s.  He survived the rebel onslaught on the city in 1998 and managed to record his first album there.  Sorie then earned a living as a street musician, playing the instrument from which he takes his name, until one day he met an American sound engineer called Luke Wasserman.  They recorded Sorie’s first proper release together, entitled Without Money, No Family.  Life’s still a struggle.  A Kickstarter campaign to get Sorie Kondi to SXSW has been successful, so hopefully that longed for international break is around the corner.