Roskilde set list – here’s who played what


Here are the details of who played what at Africa Express Roskilde.  This is our pre-show set list, written in haste after 2 days rehearsals and pasted up backstage minutes before a 5-hour show. Please excuse any inaccuracies but with Africa Express, things always change at the last minute.  It was an epic show, so huge thanks to the amazing artists involved and a brilliant audience for joining us on the latest stop with Africa Express.





Intro – Manifest (vocals) Diabel Cissokho (kora) Jack Steadman (keys) Laura Mvula (vocals) Eric Muginda (guitar) Jeff Wootton (guitar) Guimba Kouyate (talking drum) Karl Oloniluyi-Abel

In A Minute
– Shivani (vocals), Asmund (dj mixer), Clerici (drum pads), Milikah (vocals), Pauli (drums), Enrique Jupiter (guitar), Adama (djembe) (bass) Pauli (drums)


Krar Collective: Yetentu Tez Alen – Genet Assefa (vocals), Grum Bogashaw (percussion), Temesgen Zeleke (kraar), Afrika Boy (vocals), Reeps One (vocal), Bo Madsen (guitar), Express Horns (brass), Malikah (vocals), Boubacar (percussion), Ousmane Toure (bass)

Krar Collective: Guragugna – Genet Assefa (vocals), Grum Bogashaw (percussion),  Temesgen Zeleke (krar), Ousmane Toure (bass), Express Horns

Comforting Sounds
– Bo Madsen (guitar) Terri Walker (vocals), Audrey Gbaguidi (vocals) Jay Sharrock (drums), Boubacar Dembele (djembe), Kwame (bass), keyboardist


                 – Interlude: Baloko by Fatou, Guimba & Damon


Fatoumata Diawara: Tolo – Fatou (vocals), GB (drums), Jean-Allen (bass) Olivier (guitar), Guimba (guitar), Bachari (perc), Adama (balafon).

Fatoumata Diawara: Salimata – Fatou (vocals), GB (drums), Jean-Allen (bass) Olivier (guitar), Guimba (guitar), Bachari (perc), Adama (balafon), Malikah (vocals), Genet Assefa (vocals)

                        – Interlude: Reeps One –

Kwabs: Walk – Kwabs (vocals), Romeo Stoddart (guitar), Pauli (drums), Eslam (vocals), Audrey (vocals), Seye (bass), Graham Coxon (guitar)


Noura Mint Seymali: Track One – Richard Russell (beats) Noura Mint Seymali (vocals), Osman (electrics), Alex (electrics) Nick Zinner (guitar), Warren Ellis (violin)

Noura Mint Seymali: Track Two – Jesse Hackett (guitar), Jack Steadman (bass), Jay Sharrock (drums), Richard Russell (beats), Medhi Haddab (oud), Noura Mint Seymali (vocals), Spoek Mathambo (vocals), Warren Ellis (violin)


Galvanised – Mehdi Haddab (oud), PSM (drums), Eslam (vocals), Malikah (vocals), Seye (bass), Graham Coxon (guitar)

Romeo Stoddart, Warren Ellis & First Aid Kit

Batida: Luxo – Spoek Mathambo (vocals), Romeo (guitar) Reeps One (vocals), Marcus (drums), Katarina (vocals), Pedro (box of tricks)
       …bring on: Ifdiarfra (vocals), Jack Steadman (bass), Digitizz (vocals)/Reeps & Spoek off

Batida: Pobre e Rico – Katarina (vocals), Ifdiarfra (vocals), Marcus (drums), Pedro (box of tricks), Afrikan Boy (vocals), Pedro (box of tricks)


Baltimore – Damon Albarn (paino), Laura Mvula (vocals), Graham Coxon (guitar)


Jump To It – Jack Steadman (bass), Express Horns (brass), Dele Soisimi (keys), Laura Mvula (vocals), Karl (guitar), Bo Madsen (guitar) Romeo (guitar), Terri Walker (vocals), Marcus Batida (drums) & any perc

Lady – Dele Soisimi (keys), Express Horns (brass), Romeo Stoddart (guitar), Seye (bass), Kaw Secka (perc), Frank Rachid (drums), Marcus Batida (perc) + others?

Trentemøller: Vamp – Anders (keys), Jakob (drums), Jeppe (guitar), Shystie (vocals), Digitizz (vocals), Kwame (bass)

Trentemøller: Silver Surfer – Anders (keys), Jakob (bass), Jeppe (guitar), Jeff (guitar) Graham (guitar) Karl (bass), Boubacar (perc), Guimba (ngoni)

Laura Mvula: Green Garden – Laura (vocals), Karl (bass), PSM (drums), Boubacar Dembele (djembe), Adama Dembele (balafon), Kaw Secka (talking drum), Diabel (kora)

Laura Mvula: Sing to the Moon – Laura (vocals & key), Karl (bass), PSM (drums), Boubacar Dembele (djembe), Adama Dembele (balafon), Kaw Secka (talking drum), Diabel Cissokho (kora)

Songhoy Blues: 
Soubour – Garba (guitar), Oumar (bass), Nat (drums), Aliou (guitar & vocals), Nick Zinner (guitar)

Should I Stay Or Should I Go – Garba (guitar), Oumar (bass), Nat (drums), Aliou (guitar & vocals), Nick Zinner (guitar), Damon Albarn (vocals), Jeff (guitar)


Diabel Cissokho: Senegal Mali – Diabel Cissokho (kora), Guimba Kouyate (n’goni), Romeo Stoddart (guitar), Adama (balafon), Ousman Toure (bass), Spoek Mathambo (vocals), Terri Walker (vocals), Afrikan Boy (vocals), Boubacar Dembele (djembe), Kaw Secka (talking drum), JB (drummer)


Control – Spoek Mathambo (electrics), Medhi Haddab (oud), Jack Steadman (bass) Montana (drums), Audrey Gbaguidi (vocals), Eric (guitar), Kaw Secka (talking drum)


Waka Flaka – Shystie (vocals), Mister Silva (vocals), Sef Kombo (DJ), PSM (drums), Eric Jupiter (guitar), Afrikan Boy (vocals)


Mista Silva – Shystie (vocals), Mister Silva (vocals), Sef Kombo (DJ), PSM (drums), Eric Jupiter (guitar), Afrikan Boy (vocals)


Rachid Taha: Ya Rayah – Rachid Taha (vocals), Seye (bass), Guimbe (guitar), Hakim (oud), Frank (drums), Kenzi (keys), Express Horns

Rock el Casbah – Rachid Taha (vocals), Seye (bass), Guimbe (guitar), Hakim (oud), Frank (drums), Kenzi (keys), Express Horns, Damon (vocals)


Clint Eastwood – Damon Albarn (vocals & melodica), Pauli (drums), Seye (bass), Shystie (vocals), Jeff (guitar), Montana (perc), Boubacar (perc)



Jupiter Band et al….

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